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Brenda O'Brien

Brenda O’Brien


The role of the elected Treasurer is to serve the citizens of the County by performing all duties set forth by Missouri Statutes, mainly, but not limited to, Chapter 54 RSMo. The Treasurer is the custodian of all county money. The primary task is careful accounting of revenues and expenditures and allocation of each one to approximately 63 different funds. The Treasurer fulfills administrative and executive duties for the County and exercises oversight and caretaker roles in regard to County funds. The Treasurer maintains an office that implements accounting systems that emphasize integrity, transparency, and quality performance. The County Treasurer strives at all times to foster and maintain good relationships with citizens, fellow officeholders, employees, and legislators and assists in any way feasible to enhance county services.

County Treasurers provide a variety of duties and services to the citizens of the great state of Missouri.

Listed below is a generalized overview:
» Obtain adequate surety bond coverage.
» Collateralization of all County monies.
» Chief liaison with the County’s banking depository.
» Responsible for the procurement and execution of the County’s Investment Policy.
» Calculate/allocate interest to all funds and accounts
» Monitor, balance, and reconcile all activity in County bank accounts making daily deposits/disbursements as needed.
» Prepare and present financial reports.
» Provide data on various County revenues and monitor all incoming revenue streams.
» Liaison to County Commission in financial management.
» Payables from specific funds of the Lincoln County Prosecuting Attorney, Recorder and Sheriff offices.
» Account maintenance and payables to the County Employees Retirement Fund.
» County Administrator for the federal government’s System of Award Management (SAM) grant account.
» Educate, inform, and assist the public, media, and others of the County financial status as requested.

Monthly tax collections are disbursed with reports to 7 County Public School Districts, 8 County Fire Protection Districts, Mercy – Lincoln Medical Center, L.C. Ambulance District, L.C. Health Department, Clarence Cannon Watershed, and Community Opportunities (Senate Bill 40). These disbursements may include (but are not limited to): County monthly taxes, Railroad and Utilities, Fines and Forfeitures, Private Car Tax, Payments in Lieu of Taxes, Criminal Costs, Over/Plus Land Sale Surplus Taxes, Unclaimed fees, Bond Forfeitures, and Missouri Office of Prosecution Funds.

History of Lincoln County Treasurer:
(Missouri Blue Books served as the primary source of this historical information.)
1878:                J. McDonald
1879 – 1884:   Thomas J. Nalley
1885 – 1888:   W. S. Bragg
1889 – 1892:   John M. Barton
1893 – 1896:   Riley L. Birkhead
1897 – 1900:   Isaac N. Cannon
1901 – 1904:   John T. Henry
1905 – 1908:   John R. Thornhill
1909 – 1912:   James A. Brown
1913 – 1916:   Clarence B. Tucker
1917 – 1924:   John M. Reed
1925 – 1932:   M. Claude Finley
1933 – 1936:   Leslie G. Graven
1937 – 1938:   Harry L. Achor
1939 – 1958:   Tom L. Hammack*
1959 – 1966:   William T. Richardson
1967 – 1974:   Rose Richardson
1975 – 1982:   Mary Lou Edgar
1983 – 2002:   Betty McClellan*
2003 – 2010:   Betsy K. Calvin
2011 – 2012:   Krysti Henke
2013 – 2015:   Kristen M. Burkemper
2015 – 2016:   Carrie E. Ward (Interim)
2016 – Present:   Brenda K. O’Brien

*Denotes 20 Years of Service