Gas Tax

For every $1 of gas or diesel purchased, $.18 goes to the federal government, $.17 goes to Missouri state government.

How are the fuel tax collections distributed?
A percentage of fuel tax collections is distributed to cities based on population and to counties based on road mileage and land valuation. The remainder is transferred to the Missouri Department of Transportation. The distribution of motor fuel tax is based uponĀ Article IV, Section 30(a)(b) and (c) of the Missouri Constitution.

Gas Tax Distributed by the Lincoln County Treasurer’s Office:

  • March 2020 – $97,762.15
  • February 2020 – $113,124.70
  • January 2020 – $109,458.37

2019 Total Gas Tax: $1,361,798.70
2018 Total Gas Tax: $1,321,031.39
2017 Total Gas Tax: $1,216,529.41
2016 Total Gas Tax: $1,190,697.24
2015 Total Gas Tax: $1,187,809.58
2014 Total Gas Tax: $1,144,570.24